Welcome to a mortgage lending experience

Dream up!  Founded by Mya Tran-Harter, The Mya Group is a team of highly experienced dynamic residential mortgage originators who will help you take your real estate dreams to new heights and make them a reality.  You may be asking, “Why would successful individuals form a team?”.  The answer is simple: our need to achieve something greater than ourselves while never forgetting our core value…our commitment to our clients.  Continuing to hone our craft, evolution is critical.  In today’s changing environment, we’ve embraced technology and have reimagined the mortgage loan process. 

When you secure a home mortgage with The Mya Group, you’ll enjoy an elevated client experience with an approachable team that has over 75 years of combined experience. Our robust, integrated technology platform will make your mortgage loan process far easier and faster from start to finish than ever before.  The perfect partnership –  having the ease and convenience of full automation, while relying on a team of professionals accessible to answer questions and guide you each step of the way. Some of the benefits of a purchase, refinance, or construction loan with The Mya Group are:

  • Dedicated team guiding you through the entire process.
  • Loans processed, underwritten, and closed in-house locally.
  • Easier understanding of loan numbers with interactive calculators.
  • Streamlined process on our app with less paperwork and headaches.
  • Advanced technology requires less documentation from the borrower.
  • Live updates provided right on your phone.


We invite you to dream out loud with us!  By referral.